21st Century Public Service

The place to find the 21st Century Public Servant research by Catherine Mangan and Catherine Needham and see how it’s being applied in public services.

The Core Research

21st Century Public Servant

What are the qualities and aptitudes that will help public servants well into the 21st century?

Understanding and identifying these is the focus of our research.

21st Century Councillor

Our second piece of research along this theme asked what it means to be a 21st Century Councillor. With interviews across 50 elected members, we revealed a range of approaches which are helping them navigate this changing century.

the cover of the report - keepimg the windoes open, with an illustration of an open window and logos from University of Birmingham and North West Employers

Keeping The Window Open is a report on how some public services shifted during the coronavirus pandemic, what they learnt and how they reflect on it. Blog Post here.

Partners in Practice

Exploring how to apply the principles in the real world of local government.

The Card Game

As part of the consultancy work we do with local government, emergency services and the health service we have developed a card set. It will help you explore

  • Ideas
  • Roles
  • Implications

of thinking and behaving differently.

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