21st Century Public Servant

an image of qualities that 21st century public servant will have

What are the qualities and aptitudes which will help public servants work well in the 21st century?

This was our first piece of research inspired by the University of Birmingham Policy Commission on the Future of Local Public Services.

Understanding and identifying these qualities and aptitudes is central to the work, which focuses on the need to pay attention to the changing roles undertaken by public servants and the associated support and development needs.

The 21st Century Public Servant project was a Knowledge Exchange project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council in partnership with Birmingham City Council. It built on the findings of the 2011 University of Birmingham Policy Commission into the ‘Future of Local Public Services’. All of our research is available on an open source basis:

The research sets out eight key and overlapping roles that public servants will need to understand to be effective in the 21st Century

The original research team were:

Catherine Needham, Professor of Public Management and Public Policy at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham @DrCNeedham

Catherine Mangan,  Director of the Public Services Academy and Director of the  Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham @mangancatherine

Helen Dickinson, Associate Professor of Public Governance, Melbourne School of Government and School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne @DrHDickinson

How can you work with us?

We have worked with dozens of public sector organisations across the UK and worldwide to help them understand the principles behind 21st century Public Servants.  This has included shared research, consultancy and organisational change work. If you are interested in working with us do get in touch

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