The original research has been shared in many ways and evolved into new work in dozens of organisations and institutions.

Interest in the work was so high that the Local Government Association created a national steering group involving the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Public sector People Management Association.

The steering group aimed to support the implementation of 21st century public servant approaches across councils.  This has now been expanded to include civil service, NHS employers, fire and police national bodies.

A national conference on the 21st Century Public Servant was run by the LGA in spring 2018, at which over a 100 councils came to share how they had been using the work and to learn from others.

The steering group has developed a national kitemark scheme, which will recognise a council as being a 21st Century Public Servant employer. The LGA also commissioned a creative writer to develop stories about how to embed 21st Century Public Servant principles in frontline work, leading to a publication: Walk Tall: Being a 21st Century Public Servant.

Some organisations have developed other resources to support how the ideas are used. 

The  Department of Culture Media and Sport highlighted the Twenty First Century Public Servant as a case study in its Enabling Social Action report.